Saturday, July 5, 2014


So…a friend on Facebook posted an older picture of her mother.  The photo had folds and some stains on it.  I thought…hmm…maybe I can clean up the picture a little.  Well…it looked 100% better.  So…I thought hmm maybe I should take some of my old photos and clean them up. I'm pretty confident with minor restorations. I'm still working on the more complicated restorations (involving major stains and missing pieces).

This picture was taken in the late 30s early 40s.  My grandmother Lillie Belle Graves is on the left and her sister Doris Mae Vincent is on the right.

Monday, May 26, 2014

My new website

I finally created a website to display my photos.  I wasn't feeling good today and I was sitting around.  Instead of watching movies all day, I chose to create a website.  Previously, I would share all of my photos on my Facebook page.  Well, unfortunately that only taps into my immediate friends.  So, for "strangers" who aren't familiar with my "stuff" they can go there.  This isn't a super fancy site, but it covers the basics.

So take a look at:

Monday, May 19, 2014


Jolee has to be the prettiest baby I have seen in a while…She looks so peaceful in this picture, but she surely was not.  I learned patience is the key in taking pictures of babies. She wouldn't go to sleep to take proper "sleepy" pictures.  So, I improvised a little.  In between cries, she would pause. I would snap my camera. It was nice holding her.  She has a sweet family to love her and I can't wait to take more pictures of her.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Prom (Kayla)

My location was packed with people and over 10 professional space and time was limited. I noticed their shoes right off the gate. Kayla's accessories were phenomenal...I chose to place them side by side against a cool stone wall. I used a healing brush in Photoshop on her legs and then used the Gradient tool to make the picture black and white. I colored in the skin on her feet and legs and viola! I always pick one photo out of the bunch to use a touch of color effect in a black and white. 

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Gateway Shoes

Kennedy and Jr's mom Jasmine bought the cutest shoes for them…I mean absolutely adorable.  I like to capture people's feet…Maybe that is the former wanna be podiatrist in me, but I think it makes interesting photos.  The sun was creeping through the trees and the colors of the TOMS logo against the brick and stone were beautiful. I sent this picture to the TOMS shoe company. They responded and said "What a great photo!"  I wish they could use it for advertising…at least on Facebook?  It motivates me to take more shots in this capacity.  I literally laid down on the ground when I took this photo.  I recommend not wearing pricey or your favorite attire when going on photo shoots.  You may literally have to get down and dirty.

Maternity Shoot- Sanford, NC

This picture was taken mid morning.  The sun wasn't too harsh.  I had my assistant (Fab Morgan) use the gold side of the reflector to add enough light to get rid of the shadows on the left side of her face (her left)…Adding the due date of the baby in the lower right side gave balance to this picture. She looked so relaxed and comfortable.  I think it shows through this picture…What do you think?